Florian Horn promoted to Level 3

Florian Horn (France) has been promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix Liverpool. His Regional Coordinator, Sophie Pages wrote some words for him:

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When I first judged with Florian, it was at a big 2-day tournament. I had never heard about him before, and what impressed me was how serious he was, and his will to improve everything. He paid great attention to everything he didn’t knew about, analysing carefully the reasons behind procedures. This way of being never left him, and he always wants to understand if there is a good justification for our actions, or if they are just more of an habit we may have. This way of always thinking outside of the box is really precious, as it helps to bring new techniques to tournaments when we thought everything was already established.

More than his great skills in logistics, Florian is well known for his understanding of the rules and policy. In rules, he helps young judges to find concrete examples on relevant rules. As a regular player, he is able to find recent examples or holes with real ease, which give more weight to his interrogations. In policy, he is able to challenge every part of it, trying to understand every single line of it.

We can talk about Florian’s judging qualities for a long time. But he is not only an exceptional judge. He is also someone that helped me to grow as a judge and as a person. Listening and providing a lot of personal advice, taking care of me when I needed it the most. Long hours walking and talking, losing ourselves in old buildings, or strolling Paris’ streets sharing our lives and creating new worlds. He became one of the closest friends I have, and I am really happy to welcome him in the Level 3 community!


You can congratulate Florian on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.