Regional Coordinator Lead (RCL) Applications Open!

We are excited to announce that applications for the Regional Coordinator Lead position are now open.

What is the Regional Coordinator Lead position about? You can read the description here.


The RCL position is available to all L3 judges. It is not a prerequisite that the candidate be a Regional Coordinator, but experience with the role is preferred, as it helps understand the processes and difficulties that RCs face on a daily basis.

Application Process

The application process will consist of three steps.

In step 1, candidates are required to provide answer to a few basic, qualifying questions. The committee will read those answers, and will decide which candidates will proceed to step 2 with additional questions. After answers to those questions are provided, the committee will choose top 2 candidates that will advance to last step – vote by whole RC group to decide the leader. In a very unlikely case that the votes are tied, the selection committee decides on which applicant becomes a new RCL. In case of only one application, a qualified majority of RC votes (60%) will be required to accept it, or the selection process will be reopened.

To apply, you need to fill in this form.

In case you have any questions about the process, or have trouble using the Google forms, you can email us at:


The selection committee will consist of up to 6 members (current RCs only), encouraging geo-regional diversity.


Applications will be accepted until February 27th, 2017, 12:00 (noon) GMT, or (easier way to remember) till end of Monday, February 26th in all time zones. We reserve the right to re-open window in case there are no applicants or in case of significantly exceptional situations.

Results of the RC Lead selection will be published around April 1st 2017.