Eliana Rabinowitz promoted to Level 3!

A huge congratulations to Eliana on being promoted to Level 3 at GP Seattle this past weekend. Angela Chandler, her RC, wrote some words for her:

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Eliana took the Southern California judge community by storm back in 2015. One day, she decided she wanted to learn how to play Magic and sat down and read the Comprehensive Rules. Shortly after she started playing, she set her mind on becoming a judge. She passed her L1 in February of that year, and a mere three months later passed her L2 exam as well.

Since becoming L2, she has become one of the more widely recognized faces in the Southwest region. When she is not in her home region running PPTQs, organizing judge meet ups or participating in regional projects, she is travelling around the country to many GPs each year. She is one of the most active and enthusiastic judges in our region.

Not only is Eliana a staple on the GP floor, she is also very passionate about mentoring judges and helping others improve. She is well-known for writing multiple reviews at every event and for volunteering her free time to help others with their rules and policy knowledge. She has even started her own mini-project weekly quiz project that she shares across social media for all to partake in the questions of the week.

Eliana is one of the most motivated and hard-working judges I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is enthusiastic, high energy and is always willing to lend a hand. She cares deeply for the judge community and the success of all Magic events. I am extremely proud of her success in the program and very excited to welcome her as the Southwest region’s newest Level 3.

Congratulations Eliana! This is a very well-deserved promotion.