Regional Coordinator Selection Process – Fall 2018 Window Open

Regional Coordinator Leader Sebastian Pękala announces the Fall 2018 process for renewal and new applications for the Regional Coordinator Advanced Role.


At this time, we are accepting applications for the following regions:

Australia & New Zealand BeNeLux Canada
Europe – East Europe – North Greater China
German speaking countries Hispanic America – North Italy & Malta
Japan UK, Ireland & South Africa USA – Central
USA – Midatlantic USA – Northeast USA – South
USA – Southeast

The choice for the person holding a Regional Coordinator role has an impact on a community as a whole. Therefore, we strongly advise leadership of affected regions to discuss this topic. All candidates should talk to their regional leadership before applying, and especially non-Regional Coordinator candidates should talk to their current Regional Coordinators before applying (in order to prevent conflicts and make the potential handover much easier).


As described in the definition of Advanced Roles, the Regional Coordinator position is available for Level 3 judges, thus applications are open to Level 3s in any area. Strong preference will be given to in-region applicants. If you choose to apply while living outside the region, please explain why you think you think this circumstance is different and acceptable.

As announced by PCs along with the removal of Level 2 Tester certification, all Level 2 judges can apply for their region’s Regional Coordinator position. Their applications will be considered when no L3 applies or no L3 application would be found to be suitable. We would like to encourage all interested L2s to contact their RCs before applying and start preparing their application if they believe there could be no L3 candidates in their region, due to short time period when L2 applications will be accepted.

Note: incumbent L2 RCs can apply during the first application period as if they were L3s and their applications will be treated as such.

Application Process

The application process will consist of two steps.

In step 1, candidates are required to provide their answers to three main questions about their vision of Regional Coordinator role for their region, and list contact information to 3 referring judges.  The 3 judges need to live in at least 2 different areas of the region and should be of at least 2 different levels (1x Level 3 + 2x Level 2 judges, or such). These judges will be contacted to confirm that they think candidate fulfils the Qualities of Regional Coordinators and would be a good Regional Coordinator for their region. The referring judges will be also asked to write two paragraph recommendation for the applicant. First paragraph should focus on why they think applicant is a good RC candidate, and second – what should the candidate work on (areas for improvement). Each recommending judge can recommend only one candidate.
The questions for candidates to answer are listed below.

The application letter with the information mentioned above should be sent using the following form:

In case of any issues with the form, please contact the committee by email:

After the window closes, all applications will be reviewed and graded by the Selection Committee against the minimal requirements to be the Regional Coordinator, and all applicants that meet the criteria will go to step 2.
Step 2 will consist of individual questions to the candidates, aiming to explore potential areas for improvement, and to determine the best candidate for each region. This step may be skipped for regions with only one candidate at this stage of the process, at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

Names of all applying judges for each region will be posted when application window closes for given region (either August 28th or September 1st).

[Update] List of applying judges:
Australia & New Zealand – Ryan Dare
BeNeLux – Dustin de Leeuw, Niels Viaene
Canada – Jon Goud
Europe – East – Georgi Benev, Yuval Tzur
Europe – North – Johanna Virtanen
German speaking countries – Stefan Ladstaetter
Greater China – Hans Wang, Joe Lau
Hispanic America – North – Carlos Ho, Hector Fuentes
Italy & Malta – Cristiana Dionisio
Japan – Mitsunori Makino
UK, Ireland & South Africa – Jack Doyle, Thomas Ralph
USA – Central – Eric Levine, Meg Baum
USA – Midatlantic – Eric Dustin Brown
USA – Northeast – Jonah Kellman, Megan Linscott, Nicola DiPasquale
USA – South – David Hibbs
USA – Southeast – Nicolette Apraez

If you have any information that could influence the selection, and you believe the committee should be aware of that while making the decision, please contact the committee by email:


  1. Describe why you think you are a good candidate for the RC of your region.
  2. Describe what are the main challenges for judges in your region, what problems do you foresee will need fixing in the near future and what is your plan for your region.
  3. Describe how are you going to implement your plan, how are you going to engage judges in your region and include them in that implementation, and how does that compare to current organisation of your region.


The selection committee will consist of current Regional Coordinators (including the Regional Coordinator Lead, who will be the leader of this committee), and a number of Level 3 judges not holding the RC role. Exact committee composition will be posted on August 28th.

[Update] Committee composition:
Adrian Estoup
Alfonso Bueno
Angela Chandler
Asuka Nagashima
Christian Gawrilowicz
Damián Hiller
Daniel Sole Garcia
Eugene Bazhenov
Gerard Trpin
Giorgos Trichopoulos
Jeremie Granat
Joe Hughto
John Temple
Jurgen Baert
Kaja Pękala
Nicholas Sabin
Richard Drijvers
Riki Hayashi
Rob McKenzie
Scott Marshall
Sebastian Pękala – Lead
Sergio Perez
Sophie Pages
Steven Briggs
Wearn Chong


Applications will be accepted until August 27th (end of day). Then, if there are no L3 applications for a region, window will be re-opened accepting L2 applications until August 31st (end of day). We reserve the right to re-open window in case there are no applicants or in case of significantly exceptional situations.
[Update] Regions with window re-opened until August 31st (end of day): Europe – East, USA – Northeast.

Results for the Fall 2018 class will be published around October 1st 2018.


Sebastian Pękala
RC Leader