David Larrea Promoted to Level 3!

David Larrea (Spain) has been promoted to Level 3. His Regional Coordinator, Sergio Perez wrote some words for him:

During the last years, David has been involved in many different ways to support both his local area and our whole region. Starting with the Knowledge Pool project, where he entered some years ago to provide support, and lead the translations into Spanish we benefit from regionally; and following with our Regional PPTQ Staffing project, where he helped to implement in the whole region the system he developed for his area (where he’d been coordinating the PPTQ Staffing for over 2 years so far), David’s commitment to the Region out of tournaments has been excellent. However, in addition to his high activity on this field, he has been also a GP regular (where he has widely proved his great tournament skills) and one of the highest contributors in Catalolian tournaments coverage, moving to judge for isolated TOs without a judge available to run the PPTQ wave after wave, just to help his local community.

In addition to that, self-improvement and dedication have been David’s philosophy since the moment he decided he wanted to start working on his L3 (over a couple of years ago so far); asking for a tough second L3 recommendation when he already had one and could find another, accepting a potential long-term result instead of a faster one to prioritize quality over speed. This devotion to quality and improvement took over a year, but the final result finally proved to be worth it. Unfortunately, David had to pass through a difficult moment after that, but with hardwork and commitment he finally recovered from it and showed what he was capable of at MF Bilbao this weekend, where he passed his L3 ๐Ÿ˜€

I am extremely happy to see David became L3 after all these years, and I’m sure he’ll keep contributing to with his passion and dedication now with his new level ๐Ÿ™‚

ยกยก Felicidades Dalar!! ๐Ÿ˜€

You can congratulate David on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.