Updated Judge Feedback Form

After almost three years, it is time to update the Magic Judge Feedback Form.

You can find the new form here:

What’s new?
The new form has the same purpose as the old one, but we’ve added some things that will hopefully speed up the processing of the feedback. The most obvious change is the option to define the “tone” of your feedback – is it positive, negative or program related (or “other” for those situations that don’t fit any of the other three options).

There are also some changes in the “sharing” options. With the old form, it was sometimes hard to figure out whether it was actually okay to share the feedback with the subject, because some people just selected all the options without reading them. Now you can just choose one option, or write down exactly what you want us to do with your feedback.

We’ve also added an option to tell us how you found the form! This might give us some interesting data, so please answer this question even though it’s not mandatory.

Behind the scenes, we’ve cleaned up the spreadsheet this form feeds into, and everything is shiny, new and ready for your feedback!

Please update your links
If you have a regional blog or other website that links directly to the judge feedback form, please update your links! This is a new document, not just the old one with the questions edited. We will turn off the old form soon (although all the data will be stored for the use of the JCC).

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