Conference Policies and Guidelines: October update

Johanna Virtanen L3, Finland

Johanna Virtanen L3, Finland

The conference guidelines have been updated to reflect some recent changes in our procedures and policies. The main change is that foils now come in kits designed for 50 participants, and each conference can have up to 3 kits. The good news is that each participant now gets 8 foils (instead of 4 or 6) if they attend all the sessions! And the bad news – there really isn’t any! Another change you might notice is that the document now talks about “event conferences” instead of “GP conference”. Each region is now limited to one event-related conference per year.

We’ve also made some other minor edits and cleaned up references to now defunct projects.

On top of this, we’re publishing here the report template used by Organizers and RCs to report how the conference went to the Sphere and WotC.

You can find all this in Policies and Guidelines section

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