Training Grounds: Annette, lost but seeking

You are the Head Judge of a 35 player competitive Legacy Event. Before Round 1 starts you and your Floor Judge collect the decklists.

Annette comes to you and explains you that she took one of her decks at home and one decklist, however she took the wrong decklist for her deck and therefore has no decklist. She only realized the mistake now and explains that her deck is legal but she doesn’t know what to do now.

What do you do (and why)?


Annette missed giving us her decklist in the part of the tournament we would need it. Therefore she receives a Game Loss for Tardiness.

Tardiness not only covers players being too late but also other tasks that players weren’t able to finish in time.

There are 2 options to handle this mistake. We can allow Annette either to write the decklist within 10 minutes at the beginning of round 1 or after her match before Round 2 starts.


Do you have an interesting competitive scenario? Share it with me ( e-mail / discord ), so more judges can learn from those. (I am putting them into the correct form myself) 🙂