Exemplar Wave 3 recognitions

Here are my Exemplar Wave 3 recognitions. THANK YOU!

Abdulrahman AlhadhramiL2, UAE

Abdulrahman Alhadhrami

Abdulrahman, it has been great to see your evolution and your learning process to L2 in the past months. The main reason I would like to recognize you is for your efforts in learning from your own mistakes. Being by going on IRC to ask about your rulings, by discussing in the regional Facebook group your doubts, or just directly messaging me with your questions, you’ve proved your commitment to self-improvement and learning, and your fast progression to L2 clearly shows! On top of that you’ve always been open to hear feedback and curious about new ideas and ways of being a better judge. Thanks and keep it up!

Olivier GheysenL2, UAE

Olivier Gheysen

Thank you Olivier for your community development efforts in the GCC area, very specially for your help setting up the Middle East Magic Judges Facebook group. I specifically appreciate the way you conducted yourself when problems arose with some members’ acceptance in the group, listening to advice and accepting feedback on ways to improve the process, and apologizing when mistakes were made. I appreciate very much your maturity when being able to shift your views on the subject in order to get to a solution. Thank you!

Mark BrownL2, Australia

Mark Brown
L2, Australia

Thank you Mark for all your contributions to the JudgeApps forums moderation. Your voice is very often a beacon of reason that helps the group move forward, and you actually are one of the few forces in that group that gets stuff done, stuff that benefits thousands of people every time they use the forums. Thanks so much!

Jose TamargoL2, Spain

Jose Tamargo
L2, Spain

Gracias Jose por tu trabajo en el proyecto de Graphic Design Gang. Gracias en especial por el currazo que te pegaste para sacar adelante dentro del plazo el diseño de los paneles de estadísticas de los GPs de Modern Masters, y también por tu atención al detalle, por tu contínuo espíritu de trabajo en equipo, y sobre todo por saber decir “no” cuando yo me estaba equivocando. Moltes gràcies, senyor!

Antonio Jose “AJ” RodríguezL3, Spain

Antonio Jose “AJ” Rodríguez
L3, Spain

Thank you AJ for being an amazing project manager for the Travel Guides project. You have been able to develop your own leadership style within the project being excellent at getting all parties involved to contribute in a timely fashion. Most importantly I’d like to recognize your kindness and empathy for others when stuff goes wrong, as it is something that amazes me every day and that inspires my admiration for you. Thanks so much!

Evan CherryL3, USA

Evan Cherry

Thank you Evan for documenting the process and workflows used in the Judge Articles project (and in the most absolute love for the finest of details!). It was excellent to see how you were able to anticipate a need within the project and how you put all the necessary efforts to prepare ahead of time when a transition in the leadership of the project is required. Thanks so much!

Giorgos TrichopoulosL3, Greece

Giorgos Trichopoulos
L3, Greece

Thank you Giorgos for the wisdom you’ve shared with me in our many interactions in the past months, both online and in person. We’ve been friends for many years and I keep admiring your kindness and your endless joyfulness. It is very inspiring to see someone like you being so generous, so little self-centered and so happy with your life and what you do with it. You are the type of person that makes other be better persons just by being there, and I’m grateful for you getting the best out of me.

After meeting your local community in Cyprus I’ve seen how you mediate between players, help them organize travelling to events abroad, educate them and support them, etc. I have realized how much of an incredible regional leader you are, and it is no surprise to me that everyone loves having you around. Thank you!

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