Bruna Chiochetta

Welcome back to Judge of the Week! This week, we highlight someone known for her dedication to her community. Congratulations, Bruna Chiochetta!

Name: Bruna Chiochetta
Level: 2
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Judge Start date: June 2016
Why did you become a judge? When I started playing Magic, I got involved with the game wholeheartedly. Becoming a judge was just a consequence. My first year as a Magic player was very hard to go through, so I felt the urge to help my local community on becoming more welcoming to new players.  
Occupation: Student
Favorite card: Platinum Angel
Least favorite card: Daze
Commander General: Bruna, Light of Alabaster
Favorite non-Magic Game: Dota 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Ace Attorney series, Professor Layton series, I can’t pick just one….
Best tournament result: I don’t play tournaments very often, but I’ve gone to a few PPTQ semi-finals.
Random fact about yourself: I’m the crazy cat lady.

You were nominated based on your Exemplar nominations in Wave 7. Can you tell us about an Exemplar nomination that was particularly meaningful for you?

Carlos Rangon’s nomination was very important to me. I was very happy someone noticed exactly on what I was contributing to the community: helping the new judges on being part of the Judge community, and the importance of the L1 Welcome Wagon Project. It was particularly meaningful because he’s a pillar of Brazil’s community and I wasn’t expecting it at all.

What are some tips you have for other judges?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. More experienced judges are always willing to help you out on whatever you need. You have a lot to learn with them. Also, it’s OK to make mistakes as long as you learn with them and use them in your favor to become a better judge. Don’t put yourself down because you gave an incorrect ruling. Learn with it, say you’re sorry and move on! Finally, don’t get discouraged if no one notices immediately you’re doing awesome stuff. Eventually they will.

How has being a judge influenced your non-Magic life?
Judging is a big part of my life. I got involved with it intensely. Insecurity and shyness couldn’t be a part of my Magic life, and judging helped me on overcoming it almost completely, and that would be the biggest change being a Judge made to my non-magic life on a consequence.

What’s the best part about your local Magic community?
We are a small community, so we’re really close to each other. We genuinely care for each other. If someone needs to borrow a card or a deck, we manage to help each other out. It’s like a family.

What is your favorite non-Magic hobby?
Dota 2! While I don’t play as often as some years ago, I still love the game. I play it or watch tournaments whenever I have some free time.

How did you get involved in Magic in the first place?
When I was a kid, me and my friends were Yu-Gi-Oh addicts, so I was familiarized with card games. Being involved in gaming communities has always been something in my life, both online and physically. Years later, a friend of mine invited me to a Pre-Release tournament, and I fell in love with the game and its community. I haven’t stopped playing since then.

What is the proudest moment of your Judge life?
I’m new to the Judge Program. When Exemplar nominations for wave 7 were out, I was really surprised and proud I was nominated 6 times for my dedication to Brazil’s L1 Welcome Wagon. Some of my nominations were from people I hadn’t ever been in contact with. I got really excited about that and started working even harder!

What would you be doing now if Magic no longer existed?
I can’t imagine my life without Magic anymore, but if I had to make a guess, I’d say I would probably be involved with some other game community and, of course, studying harder for college exams…

Two Truths and a Lie
Two of the following statements are true and one is false. Figure out which!

  1. I’m the fastest L1 to achieve L2 in Brazil.
  2. I once signed an expensive card for a player while I was working selling cards on a Grand Prix. People recorded a video of it.
  3. I speak French fluently.
The answer to the last Two Truths and a Lie...
Meg Rickman can’t read three dead languages fluently. She can actually only read two.

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