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Bok there Judges!

if I tell you Magic Judge Monthly, I believe you should snaprecall that monthly magazine that show us with a single glance most of the relevant content within the month!  If not, this is a must read! =P

This week Projects Editions of Judge of the Week will get us inside Magic Judge Monthly featuring Iva Kleiner, L2 from Croatia under the spotlight. Iva has gladly told us about the project, its crew, and finally one of those sweet Uncle Scott’s messages!

The Amazing look of Magic Judge Monthly banners!

iva kleiner

Tell us about your project.

Magic Judge Monthly is a magazine designed to keep judges up-to-date with important events that transpired during the last month. Topics range from policy and rules to tournament solicitations and general news in a judges life.

We’re trying to keep it short and simple, yet fun to read.

What is your role within the Judge project?

Finding and distributing the right topics (except Questions and Answers, that’s entirely Stephan’s), writing, editing, publishing, but most importantly, communicating with other judges crucial for this project.

Why did you decide to join Magic Judge Monthly?

Iva - GP rimini

I was feeling bored last summer and wanted to do something useful as a fresh L1. So I logged on to JudgeApps, saw that MJM was  hiring, sent Stefan Ladstätter an application and got in!

Tell us a fun story about your participation in this project.

One of the weirdest moments was when Sean (from Australia) told me to remind Riccardo of Gangnam Style. Since it was my first GP ever, it took quite a lot of nerve to approach the awe-inspiring L5 as a spectator and blurt out “Hi, I’m Iva, working on MJM. Sean told me to say Hi! and remind you of your Gangnam style moments, heh (nervous smile)”. Of course, after sharing the story we had a few laughs and merrily continued on our ways.

If you could change one thing about the project, what would it be?


Organizing monthly on-line meetings where we could go quickly through the roles and topics, provide instant feedback and explanations (if needed). Plus it would be nice just to chit-chat with the team.

 How has this project helped your judging?

While creating MJM content, I cover so many diverse topics regarding (but not limited to) MTR, IPG and Comp Rules, so there’s always something interesting to learn from and discuss with both the local and worldwide community.

Have you met other judges in your project in real life? What was that meeting like?

Just my fellow Europeans- Stefan, Giuseppe, Donato and Kenny. A typical conversation starts usually like this: “Hey, are you so-and-so from MJM?” “Yes” “Cool, pleasure to meet you!”
I knew Nenad before he joined the project and meeting Riccardo was really memorable.

If not (or just in general), who would you like to meet on your Project?

I’d love to meet the rest of the team! You guys are awesome! 🙂

What do you like best about the project?

Did I mention the our team is awesome? It’s awesome!
Everyone is ready to help whenever and wherever needed, they’re quick to respond and are quite responsible.

What do you want people to know about this project, and what’s important for other judges, in your opinion?

Iva - GP rimini2

We want people around the globe to think of us as the place for your monthly dose of Magic Judge news. We’d also like people to know that feedback is much appreciated and, thanks to it, we’re always striving to make each edition better and better!

What sort of individual content does MJM bring to Judges every month that they can’t find elsewhere?

We’re proud to present a unique summary of what’s happened during last month and help the busier judges catch up in a single read. Additionally, we sometimes provide personal information about a judge that’s not (yet) public- such as births, weddings and good-bye letters. Not to mention we have our very own “Sugar on Top” where we feature some of the best judge team photos. And, thanks to Kenny, we have beautiful themed headers each month.

What languages does your team translate it into?

Currently Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian (though not the blog itself). Before we had Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Japanese and Russian. If you’re interested in translating, please contact Juan del Compare.

Where did the ‘Sugar on Top’ Idea come from?  Where do you get the ideas for it?

Sometime this May, Carlos sent me a picture of GP Sombrero where he was head judging. It was so awesome that I wanted it in MJM, but there wasn’t a place designed for it, thus “Sugar on Top” was born!

Sugar on Top – GP Sombrero

Nowadays we’re keeping our eyes peeled for unusual and fun pictures from bigger tournaments around the world.

Can’t say it better then Uncle Scott:

“…[it] helps reinforce that we’re having fun while we do this”

…and so have we enjoyed this monthly featured project too! Once again, thanks Iva for this interview and running so smoothly MJM!

see you next week judges!

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