Liz Richardson

Greetings, Judges!

This week’s rock star is known for her positive attitude, customer service, and SELFIES! Meet Liz Richardson! Read on to find out about why she became a judge and her proudest moment as a judge!

liz1Name: Liz Richardson
Level:  1
Location: Roanoke, VA
Judge start date: 4/19-20/2008 Shadomoor Prerelease!
Occupation: Organized Play Representative for Star City Games
Favourite card: Warp World
Least favourite card: Darksteel Plate
Favourite format: Viiiintaaaage obv
Commander General: Blue Braids! (Braids, Conjurer Adept)
Favourite non-Magic Game: Win Lose Banana! Dixit. Tetris.
Best tournament result:  I beat Ryan Hoffman at Game Day!
Random fact about yourself: I REALLY love Old Bay. I vehemently think Old Bay can go on anything.

Why did you become a judge?
When I first met other Magic players in college as a freshman, I was disappointed at how exclusive and mean they were. They would frequently refuse to include anyone they thought was a ‘bad player’ in their activities. It felt really awful to be rejected like that so I took that opportunity to make the college Magic community better.  I kept playing anyway and included people they wouldn’t and started running weekly casual drafts that eventually drew 30 or more players.  Because of all of this, a friend and judge, Jake Street said I’d make a good judge. So….I did it.  It was a chance to make a better community on a bigger scale.

You were nominated due to your numerous Exemplar recognitions, all of which reference your superb customer service. Tell us a little bit about how you prioritize customer service and how you use it to be a better judge.
Everyone who comes to a tournament to play this game should be having the best time of their lives while they are there. They should have fun, have a great experience, and should make at least one new friend. Even if they lose a lot of games, they should have had a good time.  If I can make their experience better somehow, I will.  If it’s listening to bad beats or helping someone find a two-headed giant partner, etc, I’m gonna do it.

liz2Proudest moment of your Judge life?
Being selected to attend Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir in Brussels, Belgium as an Event Host. Also, I received overwhelming positive feedback from players and judges and StarCityGame’s most recent Richmond Invitational as a judge manager. Being able to serve my fellow judges was really rewarding.

Tell us an embarrassing story that you’re not afraid of everyone knowing.
During my time working and judging Magic events, I have met Luis Scott Vargas a total of 5 times, all in professional settings however, I NEVER seem to recognize him or remember who he is (it must be the mustache). Once, at a Grand Prix, I asked him if he would like to trade me.  He declined, stating he didn’t bring any cards to trade. I angrily said to him, “Who comes to a Grand Prix and doesn’t bring stuff to trade?!”

liz3How has being a judge influenced your non-Magic life?
No matter what state I go to, I have a friend who I can count on.  I am consistently part of a greater community that loves to have me around. Magic has gotten me my career, my amazing friends, skills in networking, and organization (you have to keep your collection organized).  It’s shown me a lot of love.


Two Truths and a Lie
Two of the following statements are true and one is false. Figure out which!

1. Elizabeth is not the name printed on my original birth certificate
2. At a point in time Homelands was my favorite set
3. I used to work in a Bakery

The answer to the last Two Truths and a Lie...
Heidi admits: “I don’t think that Firespout is the best card in the premade Riku Commander deck.”

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