Submitting Investigations on JudgeApps

This information on this page is outdated as of 5 September 2019. More up to date information is available at

Johanna Virtanen
Investigations Committee lead

Johanna Virtanen
Investigations Committee lead


With the migration of Judge Center to a new platform, disqualification reports also need a new home. We’re working on a more permanent solution, but for the time being we will be using a Google Form.

You can find the link to the Google Form on this page:

For reasons of security and privacy, this page is only visible to certified judges and you will need to enter an authentication code. This code is tied to your JudgeApps account.

Since some parts of the world do not have access to Google, there is also the option of e-mailing your report directly to Wizards. We have provided a simple template that you can copy/paste into your e-mail to make sure you include all the relevant information.

Just like the Judge Center version, this form asks for contact info and statements from the Head Judge, the disqualified player, their opponent and any other witnesses. There are also some extra questions that the Player Investigations Committee wanted to add because it helps our work.


The form will e-mail you a copy of your submission after you’re done. If you want to edit your report, be sure to save the “edit later” link. In general, I recommend that you gather all the relevant information before submitting a report, and if the disqualified person wants to send their statement later, give them a reasonable deadline for doing so.

Obviously, a Google Form based solution has some disadvantages compared to Judge Center. For example, on Judge Center you could see the results of your previous investigations – whether the subject received a suspension or a Warning Letter or no further action. We don’t have a solution for that yet, unfortunately. However, we plan to send more feedback about investigations in general, and I hope that eventually we’ll have an easy way of sharing all results with the people who submitted the reports.

That’s it – I hope this new form is reasonably easy to use. Feedback is of course welcome – please don’t hesitate to contact me via JudgeApps if you have suggestions for improving this form or any questions about Investigations in general.