JudgeApps Updates – May 1-15

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the JudgeApps blog, where you can learn about the latest changes, improvements and fixes in the judge program’s main community hub.

There were no groundbreaking changes in the first few weeks of May, so this is going to be a short one. Nevertheless, here are some things you might find interesting:

Review Sharing

Did you ever need to share your reviews with a mentor, wanted help on how to improve your review writing skills, or needed someone to approve your reviews for a L2/L3 certification? Well, now you can give access to your reviews to any user on JudgeApps. To do so, you can find the new “Review Sharing” feature on the sidebar under “Reviews”. When searching reviews, you will see all the reviews you have access to – your own reviews, as well as any that were shared with you.

Judge Center is Down

You should already know by now that the Judge Center is undergoing a complete overhaul and is therefore unavailable. The development team for the Judge Center and JudgeApps are two different teams, and we, just like you, can’t wait to see it back up. While we can’t do anything to make it available any sooner, we did remove the links to judges’ Judge Center profile. No one really needs a link that leads them nowhere. What you can (and should) do, is add your Wizards account name to your profile.

We also finalized the migration of all the reviews from Judge Center to JudgeApps. Now you can view all your precious reviews on Apps.

Forum Moderation

There was a small issue with the open and close buttons. Previously, pressing either button would just reverse a topic’s status (open to close or close to open), which could cause issues if you and another moderator were trying to close a topic at the same time. Now, the buttons work as they should (the open button opens a topic and the close button closes it). As an additional bonus, you’re no longer sent to the main index when you’re done. You just go to the forum you were moderating instead.

Event Staffing

Most of you don’t staff events very often, so this might have gone unnoticed for everybody except a selected few. Due to the way the applicant table was created, a lot of text in one column could narrow the name column in a way that the cover letter and comments appear further to the right than they should. When trying to click on it to add comments, the mouse pointer would no longer be in the name column, causing the comments to disappear. This was a frustrating cat-and-mouse that you cannot win. It’s been fixed and now you can win every time.

That’s all for now. We’ll keep working and doing our best to give you the best experience possible when using JudgeApps. And remember, like any other part of the judge program, we welcome your feedback.