Judge Exams are available through JudgeApps

Louis Fernandes
Exam Content Lead

Louis Fernandes
Exam Content Lead

I have the privilege of informing you that L1 and L2 certification exams, as well as L1 Practice, L2 Practice, L3 Preliminary, Rules quizzes, and Policy quizzes, are now available online through JudgeApps.

This marks the culmination of a months-long effort by dozens of judges to move the old Judge Center material to a new platform; one that enables us to expand and grow according to the needs of the Judge Program. It is remarkable what we can accomplish when we combine the skills and enthusiasm of many judges. The list of thank yous for this effort is long, and I know that I will miss some contributors (especially translators; sorry translators!). The next time you’re at an event with one of the below, take a moment to thank them for their work.

In no particular order, your heroes*:

Additionally, we must tip our collective hat to the JudgeApps development team, without whom none of this would have been possible.

So what’s next for the judge exam content team? Translations, continued updates to content, and refining the question pool. While we have moved most of the content over, we were not able to salvage the translations, meaning that we have a large backlog of content waiting to be ported to other languages. Additionally, some of our content is out of date and will require some polish before it can go live.

Some of you may be interested in helping out. Great! If that’s the case, here are the best ways to contribute:

  1. Take some exams, and, if you find any errors, report them using the feedback button on the answer page.
  2. Contact Juan del Compare, the translations need, about assisting with translation. Assuming you speak a language other than English, of course.
  3. Spread the word that practice exams are available. The more people taking these exams, the better!

If you’d like to contribute more, shoot me a message via JudgeApps and let me know what you’d like to work on.

Beyond providing a test of qualifications, exams are a powerful learning tool. So, go forth and learn!

Louis Fernandes

* Not an exhaustive list. Again, sorry translators!