JudgeApps Updates – June 2018

Hello and welcome to the JudgeApps development update for June. This month we have only a few changes, mostly relating to some exams and exemplar upgrades, followed by some forum bug fixes. Read on if you wish to know more.


We have made a small change to the way exams appear on the main exam page. Now, in addition to a score shown as a percentage, every exam shows the number of correct answers needed. This should make life easier by showing a number instead of users trying to math out the numbers themselves.

We also removed the option to add test scores and test numbers from the old Judge Center to advancement reviews, as everything has migrated to JudgeApps. If you happen to have an exam from Judge Center or need one entered for you, please contact your RC.


In the exemplar arena we have a few changes. When you’re writing an Exemplar nomination, after you select the name of the recipient, JudgeApps shows you a table of all the times you have previously nominated that judge. We’ve made that table a bit more useful by removing the “author” column (since it was always you, the person currently logged in), and by adding the text of that nomination. This addition is meant to help judges make sure they aren’t repeatedly nominating the same judge for the same exemplary behavior over and over, which might result in deferred nominations.

Lastly, we have a bug fix, as we noticed that accessing a judge’s exemplar nominations via the link in their profile will result in an error. This was fixed and is now working properly.


In the field of bug solving, we have had a few in the forums as well, mostly relating to the recent change for GP event forums. The new miscellaneous GP forums were accidentally considered “public forums”, thus causing posts in the event forum to appear on the homepage as though they were recent public forum posts, instead of recent event forum posts. This has been fixed and said posts will now appear correctly in the relevant section.

The second issue relates to the recent forum posts in a user’s profile. As explained, the posts in the miscellaneous GP forum were accidentally considered to be “public forums”, which caused those posts to appear in the public posts section of users profiles, visible to all logged in users. This information leak in theory might have enabled anyone with a JudgeApps profile and plenty of spare time to gather information about who wrote what and when, all by monitoring other users’ profiles. This has been fixed and should no longer present an issue.

Lastly, if you happened to come across posts from the test forum in the recent forum posts section on the main page, they should no longer appear there, as we banished them to a removed from main page zone.

Quality of life changes

We fixed an issue with the past events filter. Now all filters for past events will match the fields in all events.


That’s all for this months’ blog. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions feel free to leave us some feedback.