Launching into the New World, Redux

Paul Baranay

Paul Baranay

Later today, Judge Academy will launch globally. Handling this on JudgeApps was fairly straightforward, thanks to the JudgeApps updates made in October to support Judge Academy and the Legacy Program.

As of this post, the following updates have been made to JudgeApps:

  • Judges whose certification used to be supported by Legacy Judge Program are now Historical.
  • If Judge Academy sends level synchronization information to JudgeApps, this process will succeed for judges anywhere in the world. (Previously, JudgeApps would reject synchronization requests for judges based in Legacy Program countries.)
    • Please note that data synchronization between Judge Academy and JudgeApps is uni-directional. JudgeApps is reliant on Judge Academy to send users’ data to us.
    • We have updated the text on ourĀ feedback form, indicating that issues with a user’s judge level should be directed to Judge Academy.
  • Because all certifications occur through Judge Academy, advancement reviews on JudgeApps can no longer change any judge’s level.
    • If you are from a Legacy region and need to submit an outstanding advancement review, please contact your outgoing Regional Coordinator.
  • Within a few days, the Regional Coordinator role will be removed from JudgeApps.
  • As previously announced, we have elected to leave the existing Regions in place for now.

As always, thanks for using JudgeApps. We’re happy to continue supporting events, forums, reviews, and other features on our platform.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments or by using ourĀ feedback/bug report form!