And so it begins…

Hey there!

Welcome to the start of a series of blog posts delving deeper into the policy and philosophy of Judging at Regular Rules Enforcement Level (REL). The Judging At Regular REL document (JAR) is intentionally kept short; we want it to be short enough that it could be printed double-sided onto a single sheet of paper. The idea is to keep it more accessible to any individual who might be interested in organising or helping to run Regular REL events at their local game store without requiring them to invest a significant amount of time or effort in becoming familiar with the basics of how to deal with common situations. We repeatedly receive feedback from people who are more invested in judging and the judge program to highlight subjects which would benefit from further development in order to act as a better guide for people acting as judges at Regular REL events; this blog will allow us to act on those suggestions. As such, we would love your feedback and input – do you find the subjects covered in this blog useful? Are there other topics which you would like to see us tackle? If so, please leave a comment here or in the appropriate thread on the Regular REL forum on judge apps, or contact Kim Warren.

First post is in the next update!


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