Born of the Gods JAR update

The latest JAR update is now available in the document center:

This update was just a bit of housekeeping, so there is not much to see this time around. Firstly, we have fixed the language identifying a triggered ability so that it is now clear these abilities normally start with ‘When’, ‘Whenever’ or ‘At’. Secondly, we’ve update the section about how to deal with an illegal deck to remove the reference to adding basic lands to the sideboard to bring it up to a legal number of cards. This change is in line with the recent policy update that allowed sideboards to be up to 15 cards, rather than requiring them to contain exactly 0 or 15 cards.

I mentioned in the Theros update that we are planning to start publishing more content relevant to judging at Regular REL in this blog. This will be starting later this month, with the intention to publish a couple of posts a month going forwards. 

Until next time!