CR 212. Information Below the Text Box

    • 212.1a Most card sets feature collector numbers. This information is printed in the form /[total cards in the set] or simply . Some cards, such as unique cards in Planeswalker Decks, have card numbers that exceed the listed total number of cards.
    • 212.1b A card’s rarity is indicated with a single letter following the collector number.
    • 212.1c Some promotional cards include information to indicate the specific promotion the card is associated with.
    • 212.1d The three-character code representing the set in which a card is printed and the two-character code representing the language in which a card is printed are separated by a bullet point. If a card is premium, these codes are instead separated by a star.
    • 212.1e The illustration credit for a card follows the paintbrush icon or, on older cards, the abbreviation “Illus.”