IPG 2. Game Play Errors

2.1. Game Play Error — Missed Trigger 2.4. Game Play Error — Mulligan Procedure Error
2.2. Game Play Error — Looking at Extra Cards 2.5. Game Play Error — Game Rule Violation
2.3. Game Play Error — Hidden Card Error 2.6. Game Play Error — Failure to Maintain Game State

Game Play Errors are caused by incorrect or inaccurate play of the game such that it results in violations of the Magic Comprehensive Rules.

Many offenses fit into this category and it would be impossible to list them all.

The guide below is designed to give judges a framework for assessing how to handle a Game Play Error.

Most Game Play Error infractions are assumed to have been committed unintentionally.

If the judge believes that the error was intentional, they should first consider whether an Unsporting Conduct — Cheating infraction has occurred.

With the exception of Failure to Maintain Game State, which is never upgraded, the third or subsequent penalty for a Game Play Error offense in the same category should be upgraded to a Game Loss. For multi-day tournaments, the penalty count for these infractions resets between cuts.