IPG 3. Tournament Errors

3.1. Tournament Error — Tardiness 3.5. Tournament Error — Deck Problem
3.2. Tournament Error — Outside Assistance 3.6. Tournament Error — Limited Procedure Violation
3.3. Tournament Error — Slow Play 3.7. Tournament Error — Communication Policy Violation
3.4. Tournament Error — Decklist Problem 3.8. Tournament Error — Marked Cards
 3.9 Tournament Error Insufficient Shuffling

Tournament errors are violations of the Magic Tournament Rules.

If the judge believes that the error was intentional, he or she should consider Unsporting Conduct — Cheating. (Previous versions of the MIPG made reference in each section about how to handle an intentional violation; with the exception of Slow Play, all intentional violations are now evaluated as potential Unsporting Conduct — Cheating.)

If a player violates the Magic Tournament Rules in a way that is not covered by one of the infractions listed below, the judge should explain the appropriate procedure to the player, but not issue a penalty.

Continued or willful disregard of these rules may require further investigation.

A second or subsequent Warning for a Tournament Error offense in the same category is upgraded to a Game Loss.

For multi-day tournaments, the penalty count for these infractions resets between days.