IPG 3. Tournament Errors

3.1. Tournament Error — Tardiness 3.5. Tournament Error — Deck Problem
3.2. Tournament Error — Outside Assistance 3.6. Tournament Error — Limited Procedure Violation
3.3. Tournament Error — Slow Play 3.7. Tournament Error — Communication Policy Violation
3.4. Tournament Error — Decklist Problem 3.8. Tournament Error — Marked Cards
 3.9 Tournament Error Insufficient Shuffling

Tournament errors are violations of the Magic Tournament Rules.

If the judge believes that the error was intentional, they should consider Unsporting Conduct — Cheating.

If a player violates the Magic Tournament Rules in a way that is not covered by one of the infractions listed below, the judge should explain the appropriate procedure to the player, but not issue a penalty.

Continued or willful disregard of these rules may require further investigation.

A Warning for a Tournament Error offense is upgraded to a Game Loss if the player has already received a Warning for an offense in the same category.

For multi-day tournaments, the penalty count for these infractions resets between days.