Standard – Missed Triggers Reference

Last Updated 23 January 2020

This page serves as a quick reference for triggers in all Standard-legal sets that upgrade to a Warning when missed. For more information about any of the cards below or to learn more about our evaluation process, click the set titles to read the set-specific articles. Any card in Standard that does not appear on this list is considered to have no triggers that upgrade when missed.

Remember that triggers only upgrade if the controller of the trigger owns the card that caused it. For example, a player who receives an emblem when Chandra, Awakened Inferno‘s +2 ability resolves will be responsible for putting the trigger on the stack in their upkeep. But if they miss this trigger, they do not receive a Warning; simply apply the appropriate fix. Also remember that board state, available card pool, and deck archetypes are not factors in determining whether a trigger will upgrade when missed.


Theros: Beyond Death

Ashiok’s Erasure – (When ~ leaves the battlefield, return the exiled card to its owner)
Treacherous Blessing – (When you cast a spell, lose a life)
Venomous Hierophant – (When ~ enters the battlefield, self-mill 3)
Flummoxed Cyclops – (When two or more creatures attack, ~ can’t block)
Impending Doom – (When enchanted creature dies, ~ deals 3 damage to its controller)
Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded – ({Sneak Attack} … Sacrifice it at the next end step)
Purphoros’s Intervention – ({Create a token} … Sacrifice it at the next end step)
Storm Herald – ({Replenish} … Exile those Auras at your next end step)
Underworld Breach – (At the end step, sacrifice ~)
Nessian Boar – (When a creature blocks ~, the blocker’s controller draws a card)
Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger – (When ~ enters the battlefield, sacrifice it)
Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath – (When ~ enters the battlefield, sacrifice it)
Wings of Hubris – ({Unblockable} … Sacrifice it at the next end step)

Throne of Eldraine

The Cauldron of Eternity – (when a creature dies, put into library)
Murderous Rider – (when ~ dies, put into library)
Clackbridge Troll – (when ~ enters the battlefield, give tokens) and (opponent’s choice, tap ~ at beginning of combat)
Bonecrusher Giant – (symmetrical: when ~ becomes the target of a spell)
Doom Foretold – (symmetrical: sacrifice a permanent at upkeep)

Core Set 2020

Chandra, Acolyte of Flame – (sacrifice tokens at end step)
Rotting Regisaur – (discard a card at upkeep)
Yarok’s Wavecrasher – (return a creature when ~ enters the battlefield)
Lotus Field – (sacrifice lands when ~ enters the battlefield)
Thunderkin Awakener – (sacrifice that card at end step)
Marauding Raptor – (deal damage to creatures when they enter the battlefield)

War of the Spark

Ilharg, the Raze-Boar – (return that creature at end step)
Gateway Plaza – (pay {1} or sacrifice when ~ enters the battlefield)

Ravnica Allegiance

Gateway Plaza – (pay {1} or sacrifice when ~ enters the battlefield)
Mirror March – (exile them at end step)
Macabre Mockery – (sacrifice that card at end step)

Guilds of Ravnica

Gateway Plaza – (pay {1} or sacrifice when ~ enters the battlefield)
Chance for Glory – (lose the game at end step of extra turn)
Mnemonic Betrayal – (return to graveyard at end step)
Charnel Troll – (exile a card from graveyard or sacrifice at upkeep)