Digital Infraction Procedure Guide

Effective June 5, 2020
Last updated June 13, 2020


The Magic™ Digital Infraction Procedure Guide provides judges the appropriate penalties and procedures to handle violations that occur during a tournament using Magic: The Gathering Arena (or MTG Arena), as well as the underlying philosophy that guides their implementation. It exists to protect players from potential misconduct and to protect the integrity of the tournament itself. Violations usually require a penalty or they are unenforceable.

This document is divided into two major parts: General Definitions and Philosophy (section 1), and Infractions (sections 2-3). Infractions are broken down into general classes (Tournament Errors and Unsporting Conduct), and further into subclasses for specific infractions.

See the Magic Tournament Rules for further definitions of terms in this document.

This document is updated periodically.

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1. General Philosophy

1.1 Definition of Penalties
1.2 Applying Penalties

2. Tournament Errors

2.1 Tournament Error – Tardiness
2.2 Tournament Error – Outside Assistance
2.3 Tournament Error – Slow Play
2.4 Tournament Error – Deck Problems
2.5 Tournament Error – Disconnect

3. Unsporting Conduct

3.1 Unsporting Conduct – Minor
3.2 Unsporting Conduct – Moderate
3.3 Unsporting Conduct – Major
3.4 Unsporting Conduct – Improperly Determining a Winner
3.5 Unsporting Conduct – Bribery and Wagering
3.6 Unsporting Conduct – Aggressive Behavior
3.7 Unsporting Conduct – Theft of Tournament Material
3.8 Unsporting Conduct – Stalling
3.9 Unsporting Conduct – Cheating

3. Appendix A – Changes From Previous Versions