CR 610. One-Shot Effects

  • 610.1 A one-shot effect does something just once and doesn’t have a duration. Examples include dealing damage, destroying a permanent, creating a token, and moving an object from one zone to another.
  • 610.2 Some one-shot effects create a delayed triggered ability, which instructs a player to do something later in the game (usually at a specific time) rather than as the spell or ability that’s creating the one-shot effect resolves. See rule 603.7.
  • 610.3 Some one-shot effects cause an object to change zones “until” a specified event occurs. A second one-shot effect is created immediately after the specified event. This second one-shot effect returns the object to its previous zone.
    • 610.3a If the specified event has already occurred when the initial one-shot effect would cause the object to change zones, the object doesn’t move.
    • 610.3b An object returned to the battlefield this way returns under its owner’s control unless otherwise specified.
    • 610.3c If multiple one-shot effects are created this way immediately after one or more simultaneous events, those one-shot effects are also simultaneous.