CR 902. Vanguard

  • 902.1 In the Vanguard variant, a vanguard card allows each player to play the role of a famous character. Each player will have one face-up vanguard card whose abilities and other characteristics affect the game. The Vanguard variant uses all the normal rules for a Magic game, with the following additions.
  • 902.2 A Vanguard game may be a two-player game or a multiplayer game.
  • 902.3 In addition to the normal game materials, each player needs a vanguard card. Each vanguard card is placed face up next to its owner’s library before the game begins. All vanguard cards remain in the command zone throughout the game.
  • 902.4 Each player’s starting life total is 20 plus or minus the life modifier of their vanguard card.
  • 902.5 Each player’s starting hand size is seven cards, as modified by the hand modifier of their vanguard card.
    • 902.5a If a player takes a mulligan in a Vanguard game, just like in a normal game, that player shuffles their hand back into their library, then draws a new hand equal to their starting hand size. (In a multiplayer game, a player’s first mulligan is for the same number of cards as they had before.) See rule 103.4.
    • 902.5b A player’s maximum hand size is seven, as modified by the hand modifier of their vanguard card.
  • 902.6 The owner of a vanguard card is the player who started the game with it in the command zone. The controller of a face-up vanguard card is its owner.
  • 902.7 Any abilities of a face-up vanguard card in the command zone function from that zone. The card’s static abilities affect the game, its triggered abilities may trigger, and its activated abilities may be activated.