DTR Appendix B – Round Timing

In MTG Arena, using Tournament Challenge gives each player a 30-minute clock. It is recommended that you use this method to manage time whenever possible.

The following are recommended times for when Judges should reach out to players who have not reported a result for each round of a tournament:

  • Constructed and Limited tournaments—60 minutes
  • Single-elimination quarterfinal or semifinal matches—90 minutes
  • Single-elimination final matches—no time limit

If a player fails to respond to the Judge who reached out to them after this time, they may be subject to penalties. (See: Magic Digital IPG 3.5 – Disconnects)

As a note, these are not time limits for players to complete their matches, they are only times that Judges should begin verifying that players are still playing.

The Head Judge of the tournament is the final authority on time limits for a tournament. However, any deviation from these recommendations must be announced prior to and during tournament registration.

Magic Premier Tournaments may have different time limits. These time limits can be found in the tournament or tournament series fact sheet.