IPG 2.4 Game Play Error — Mulligan Procedure Error


A player makes an error in one of the steps of the mulligan process. Once the mulligan process is complete and the game begins, excess cards arising from an improper mulligan is a Game Play Error – Hidden Card Error and too few cards is a Game Play Error – Game Rule Violation.

Unintentional process errors that provide no advantage, such as declaring an intent to mulligan early or exiling too many cards to Serum Powder, are not an infraction.


  • A. A player draws eight cards at the start of the game (instead of seven).
  • B. A player chooses to not take a mulligan then takes a mulligan after seeing their opponent choose to take a mulligan.


Errors prior to the beginning of the game have a less disruptive option—a forced mulligan—that is not available at any other point during the game.

Additional Remedy

The player takes an additional mulligan.