IPG 3.3 Tournament Error — Slow Play


A player takes longer than is reasonably required to complete game actions.

If a judge believes a player is intentionally playing slowly to take advantage of a time limit, the infraction is Unsporting Conduct — Stalling.

It is also slow play if a player continues to execute a loop without being able to provide an exact number of iterations and the expected resulting game state.


  • A. A player repeatedly reviews their opponent’s graveyard without any significant change in game state.
  • B. A player spends time writing down the contents of an opponent’s library while resolving Thought Hemorrhage.
  • C. A player takes an excessive amount of time to shuffle their deck between games.
  • D. A player gets up from their seat to look at standings or goes to the bathroom without permission of an official.


All players have the responsibility to play quickly enough so that their opponents are not at a significant disadvantage because of the time limit.

A player may be playing slowly without realizing it. A comment of “I need you to play faster” is often appropriate and all that is needed.

Further slow play should be penalized.

Additional Remedy

In the event that the match exceeds the time limit, two additional turns are added to the number of additional turns played.

This turn extension occurs before any end-of-match procedure can begin and after any time extensions that may have been issued.

No additional turns are awarded if the match is already in additional turns, though the Warning still applies.