IPG 4.1 Unsporting Conduct — Minor


A player takes action that is disruptive to the tournament or its participants.

It may affect the comfort level of those around the individual, but determining whether this is the case is not required.


  • A player uses excessively vulgar and profane language.
  • A player inappropriately demands to a judge that their opponent receive a penalty.
  • A player appeals to the Head Judge before waiting for the floor judge to issue a ruling.
  • A player throws their deck on the ground after losing a game.
  • A player leaves excessive trash in the play area after leaving the table.
  • A player fails to follow the request of a tournament official to leave the play area.


All participants should expect a safe and enjoyable environment at a tournament, and a player needs to be made aware if their behavior is unacceptable so that this environment may be maintained.

Additional Remedy

The player must correct the problem immediately.

Subsequent Unsporting Conduct — Minor infractions, even for different offenses, will result in a Game Loss.

If a Game Loss is issued for repeated infractions, and it occurs at the end of a game, it is acceptable for the judge to apply the penalty to the next game instead.