Overloading in Two Headed Giant

Overload does weird things with 2HG. Some of you at the prerelease may have noticed that. See, all of the Overload spells that you aim at other people’s stuff work on everything of that sort you don’t control, if Overloaded. In a normal 2 man game, or a free-for-all, that means it hits your opponents’ stuff, and that’s just dandy. But in a Two-Headed Giant game, things go bad.

Overloading a Mizzium Mortars doesn’t make it hit only creatures your opponents control. It hits everything that YOU do not control. Your teammate, no matter how hard he tries, will never be ‘you’. So your Mortars will still blow out his creatures, just like your Cyclonic Rift will bounce his stuff, and your Blustersquall will tap his stuff. Likewise, your Teleportal and Mizzium Skin won’t be very helpful to your teammate’s creatures. So be aware of that before you go getting overzealous with your overloading. Or, you know, don’t. Subtlety is for us Azorius law-slingers, not the Izzet.

Today’s Rules Tip written by
Trevor Nunez

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