Ashiok’s Ultimate: More than just disruption

We’ve gone a level past two-card synergy: now we’re discussing ONE CARD SYNERGY! Or we’re just throwing around the word ‘synergy’ more often than a late-90s office-slogan guy, take your pick. We’re sticking with Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver for today’s tip as well though. Now, you probably know that the game considers each Ashiok you play to be a totally different object from the others. If you exile 3 or 4 solid cards with Ashiok before it eats sufficient removal, your second Ashiok won’t ‘see’ the cards the first exiled, because they’re different objects. Makes sense! But what you may not know is that ANY creature an Ashiok exiles can be found by that -X. More specifically, if you manage to fire off an Ashiok’s ultimate ability and exile your opponent’s hand and graveyard (and Ashiok lives through that by having at least 1 loyalty!), you can cheat out THOSE creatures with Ashiok’s -X! The creatures don’t have to be exiled by Ashiok’s +2 ability, just by Ashiok.

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