How to Coax From the Blind Eternities

Some years back during Judgment, we got a cycle of rares called the Wishes. All of them would pull cards from outside the game INTO the game. Since those original five, we’ve gotten a few other “wish” type cards, including the new Coax from the Blind Eternities. Coax will pull any Eldrazi card you own from the Exile zone inside your game, OR from outside the game altogether! But what does that mean, exactly? Are you going to lug a big binder full of Eldrazi tech to FNM? Well you shouldn’t- within the context of a sanctioned event like Friday Night Magic or a Grand Prix Trial, “outside the game” just means your sideboard, so that’s the only place Coax can find things (other than exile, of course). In a non-sanctioned game (like you and your friends playing Commander, or just having fun with casual decks), “outside the game” means whatever your playgroup decides. Maybe you want to keep it at ‘sideboard only’, or maybe you want to allow it to dig through your binders and other decks- just discuss it with your group beforehand!

Now, for the second part- Coax pulls Eldrazi cards; what does that mean? Well, it specifically means cards with the “Eldrazi” subtype. Almost all of those are going to be creatures, but there’s a few non-creature cards from the old Zendikar block that have the “Tribal” type, which lets them have the Eldrazi subtype (such as All Is Dust and Not Of This World). That’s the whole list- it has to have the subtype “Eldrazi”. Coax can’t find ‘eldrazi support’ like Eldrazi Temple, it can’t find “eldrazi themed” cards like Kozilek’s Return. Now that you know what you can find, and where you can look for it, good luck coaxing all sorts of neat things from the Blind Eternities!

Today’s Rules Tip was written by Trevor Nunez

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