Magic Judge Monthly: September 2019

As we enter fall, there’s going to be more news from Judge Academy.  You should check out their blog and updates, as well as your own new region’s information.  As it stands, head to their blog for the near future, and we’ll see how our own updates shape up in the future!

Welcome to a new world of judging (same as the old world 🙂 !)


Program Coordinators’ blog

New announcement about Historical Levels and the Legacy program transition.

A final blog from the PCs!


With Throne of Eldraine we have new policy updates, though they’re minor.  Please see the policy section!

Legacy Program

Adrian goes over what the maintenance requirements are for the Legacy program!

Judge Academy updates

A greeting from Tim Shields!
Read: The entire world will be covered by JA by January 2020!

Judge Article and Blog Posts – September 2019

  1. Judge cast: JudgeCast #234 Corner Cases with Isaac King, Judgecast #235 Who Keeps the Scorekeepers, Judgecast #236 Throne of Eldraine Release Notes
  2. Translated Rules: Throne of Eldraine™ Release Notes, Magic Infraction Procedure Guide – October 4th, 2019, Magic Comprehensive Rules – October 4th, 2019
  3. Knowledge pool: German: das Labyrinth der Bibliothek, Auf einem Gebirge gelandet, Den Grizzly durchschneiden, Zurück zum Sender
    Italian:  Malfunzionamento Critico, Un Carosello di Copie Confuse
  4. Judge Conferences: Updates to Conference Support – September 2019
  5. Travel Guides: MF Ghent 2019
  6. Judge Apps help: The Future of JudgeApps
  7. Regional Blogs:
    New articles in: Magic Judge Iberia – Español
    German Speaking Countries
    The Judges of Southeast Asia
    Northeast USA Judge Family
    The Northwest Passage
    Jueces Hispanoamericanos

More judge blogs can be found at the Judge Blog Portal.

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Judge of the Week

Judge of the week is still on hiatus!


Judge Anniversaries!

No updates…


Welcome to the Fold

A big welcome to the following judges who worked their first MagicFest

MF Indianapolis

MF Atlanta


Other news

An announcement guide and printable leaflet were made for the Throne of Eldraine Prerelease.

The final Exemplar Wave in its current form (Wave 18) was released. Judges that were recognized should be receiving their packets now.

As we close this chapter of the Exemplar Program, what better way to go out than with the Vanguard Token honoring the late Jeff Zandi.

Questions asked in the Month of September and an [O]fficial answer, just for you!


1. NAP controls Ashiok, Dream Render and AP casts Goblin Engineer. Can AP choose to shuffle their library, or is the whole process forbidden since they cannot search their library?

Cards: Ashiok, Dream Render, Goblin Engineer

A: If an effect says ‘You may search your library . . . If you do, shuffle your library’ or ‘You may search your library . . . then shuffle your library,’ your opponents can’t choose to search, so they won’t shuffle. So, No, AP may not choose to search, so AP can’t shuffle when Goblin Engineer’s ability resolves.
Approved by Scott Marshall


2. AP controls a Containment Priest. Their devotion to white is currently four. They cast Show and Tell, choosing Heliod, God of the Sun. Will it be exiled, or it enters the battlefield?

Cards: Containment Priest, Show and Tell, Heliod, God of the Sun

A: “If a noncreature card wasn’t cast and is entering the battlefield as a creature (due to an effect such as that of March of the Machines), it will be exiled. Similarly, if a creature card wasn’t cast and is entering the battlefield as a noncreature permanent (for example, Heliod, God of the Sun with insufficient devotion), it won’t be exiled.”

We look ahead to see what Heliod would look like when it’s on the battlefield to determine what it’s entering as (thanks to 614.12). If your devotion to white is not high enough, then Heliod is not entering as a creature, and thus the Priest won’t apply to it entering, so Heliod will enter the battlefield and will not be exiled.

Approved by Nathan Long


3. A player controls Animation Module, Torpor Orb, and plays Walking Ballista for X = 1. Does Animation Module's first ability trigger when Walking Ballista enters the battlefield?

Cards: Animation Module, Torpor Orb, Walking Ballista

A: Yes, Animation Module will trigger off of the Ballista entering the battlefield, and the Orb won’t stop it. The Ballista entering the battlefield isn’t the relevant part here. It’s that, because of 122.6, entering the battlefield with a counter counts as putting a counter on that object. Putting the counter on as it enters is what the Module is triggering off of, not the Ballista entering, so the Orb won’t prevent the Module’s ability from triggering.

“122.6. Some spells and abilities refer to counters being put on an object. This refers to putting counters on that object while it’s on the battlefield and also to an object that’s given counters as it enters the battlefield.”

Approved by Nathan Long


Policy Changes for Throne of Eldraine

You can access the new docs for both the IPG and MTR, as well as read up on the latest Policy updates here.

Throne of Eldraine – 2HG Release Notes

Useful notes have been prepared for specific Throne of Eldraine cards, explaining the 2HG quirks involving areas like the combat phase or life total changes.

Updates to Conference Support – September 2019

The latest update for conferences foil support, now that we have entered the Judge Academy era, is here!

Legacy Program JCC

The new JCC Legacy Team has been announced on the Legacy Program blog.

DQ New Procedures

Disqualification reports have been moved to the Wizards Play Network. Read on for more information and you may also refer to the Player DQ FAQ for further details.

Find out which Judge Conferences, Magicfest and other tournaments have available worldwide staffing positions! You still have some time to apply for:

And many, many more!

Featured Project – Battlefield Forge

This week we are featuring Battlefield Forge – a blog site for tournament reports from judges all around the world. You can submit your own report and get it published (sending your report and pictures to the e-mail! The project blog is


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