Joe Steet Promoted to Level 3!

Joe Steet (New York, USA) has been promoted to Level 3. Regional Coordinator, Megan Linscott wrote some words for him:

At my first GP, Joe pulled a deck for a check and found a slice of pizza in the box instead. I don’t know what happened, but I know it ended up on Twitter and it’s not even the wildest thing that’s happened to him at an event. Joe has been at this for a long time and without ever wavering in his passion. He always has a good story.

Joe cares deeply about the integrity of the game and works hard to uphold it. To that end, he’s known for his vigilance on the floor and his dedication to the development of his peers. Last year, he wrote 457 reviews, more than most regions! His thoughtful policy discussions have inspired several policy updates, and he started a project – Trial // Error – to continue the trend.

Even as busy as he is, he always finds time to offer his help on the floor and in the community. He’s frequently supporting everything from a rules question to a conference and anything in between, always with the same passion and upbeat attitude. I look forward to seeing him with more opportunities to do so as an L3.

You can congratulate Joe on his promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.