February 2019 Anniversaries

Here are the February 2019 judge anniversaries for which we have historical data!

15 years

Riki Hayashi from Roanoke, Virginia, United States of America
Hiromasa Imagawa from Osaka-shi, Japan
Ben Quasnitschka from Texas, United States of America

10 years

Callum Milne from Nanaimo, Canada
Claudio Martín Nieva Scarpatti from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Allison Macrae from Victoria, Canada
Nelson Salahub from Victoria, Canada
Anuar Akiyanov from Almaty, Kazakhstan
Dustin De Leeuw from Amsterdam, Netherlands

5 years

Neal Sacks from Lynnfield, Massachusetts, United States of America
Pascal Gemis from Bruxelles, Belgium
Scott Binford from Loveland, Ohio, United States of America
Alberto Manchado Gómez from Viladecans, Spain
Nuno Falcao e Cunha from Porto, Portugal
Tobias Vyseri from Maple Ridge, Canada
Paul Comeau from East Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America
Elias Chountalas from Nafplio, Greece
Kai Knipping from Muenster, Germany
Hikaru Onoda from Tokyo, Japan
Akihisa Tomikawa from Osaka-shi, Japan
Miguel Ángel Gallego Domínguez from Cartagena, Spain
David Wright from baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
Madison Williams from Oakland, California, United States of America
Chenghao Shen from Shanghai, China
Levi PIerce from Raymore, Missouri, United States of America
Ricardo van den Bogaard from Leiden, Netherlands
Ethan Greenberger from columbus, Ohio, United States of America
Carlos Vega from Santiago, Chile
William-Isaac hernandez from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, United States of America
Wouter Oorthuis from Arnhem, Netherlands
Richard Sherrin from Wintersville, Ohio, United States of America
Denis Fedoseev from Moscow, Russia
Matthew Stafford from Redding, California, United States of America
Kyle Rehome from Fargo, North Dakota, United States of America
Daniel Schönknecht from Aurachtal, Germany
Autumn Cook from Catonsville, Maryland, United States of America
Jack Fogle from Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America
Rui Gomes from Barcelos, Portugal
Santiago Prieto from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Damyan Brunson from Temecula, California, United States of America
Leonardo Nogueira from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Daniele Bonazza from Ferrara, Italy
Mark Tan from Singapore, Singapore
Brian Holt from Kearns, Utah, United States of America
Andrea Sciarrotta from Pray , Italy
David Blanco from Puebla, Mexico
Christopher Williams from Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Thomas Lockwood from Cambridge, United Kingdom
Olivier Hababou from Clamart, France
Francisco J. Riveiro from A Coruña, Spain
Erick Manuel Lopez Basulto from Merída, Mexico
Alejandro Reynoso from Distrito Federal, Mexico
Diego Bolaños from México, Mexico
Enrique Manuel Guzmán Mosqueda from México DF, Mexico
Jose Covarrubias from Zapopan, Mexico
Jason Hunter from St. Catharines, Canada
Jacopo Strati from Montecatini Terme, Italy
Patrick Plößer from Ahrenviöl, Germany
Hector Backx de Oliveira from Aracaju – SE, Brazil
Manuel Pietrini from Roma, Italy
Daniel Axelsson from Skövde, Sweden
Michael Bullard from Pakenham, Australia
Markus Bauer from Darmstadt, Germany
Felipe Fierro from Distrito Federal, Mexico
Brian Payne from Duck, West Virginia, United States of America
Volodymyr Bilodid from Kiev, Ukraine
Ershad Maulana from Tangerang, Indonesia

Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work!

Creator of cuteness

Creator of cuteness

This month we are featuring 1 judge: Tobias Vyseri! Tobias is celebrating their 5 year anniversary with their RC, Jon:

Tobi reminds me of everything I loved about what the judge program was in the past, and at the same time embodies what I hope the program will become.

There is a certain amount of off-the-floor hustle that fueled the early days of the judge program. Earlier days were characterized by diligent review-writing, building online databases and systems from scratch, tournament reports, and a real passion for bringing “non-judge” life experiences to the judge program.

Tobi writes tournament reports for nearly every event she judges. This commitment to knowledge-sharing and self-reflection is, frankly, pretty astounding. She is a prolific and talented artist – a gift which she uses to bring joy to her judge friends. You can see her series of custom tokens, her beautiful Alphonse Mucha-inspired planeswalker art, or her commissioned pieces for the Canadian community.

In addition to her productive off-the-floor output, Tobi is a killer on the tournament floor. She has a keen intuition for solving logistical puzzles and is very at home in the chaotic flow of large side events. She judges with compassion – she cares very deeply about the well-being of her fellow judges and players. This intersection of hard and soft skills has been correctly identified at MFs as an indicator of leadership potential. Her efforts make a clear impact – she is consistently in the top one or two judges each exemplar wave.

To me Tobi is an aspirational figure for new judges – tirelessly self-reflective, hard-working, deeply caring about people, and not stingy about giving back to the program through her non-judge talents. She would have been at home in the “cult of self-improvement days” of judging eras past, and is also at home in the modern “judge as grinder” era with bonus points for compassion and self-reflection.

And the final kicker is she always looks like she’s having the time of her life. 22 GPs in 2018 and it doesn’t appear to have slowed her yet!

Congratulations on 5 years Tobi!

Happy anniversary to all of you!  We look forward to many more years of judging from you all.

As a side note, I apologize for the lateness of this post. Stay tuned next month for a double issue (both March and April) so that we can catch back up. 🙂

Late edit: We missed a level 3 anniversary in this post, so check out the March and April 2019 post for Savvas Themistocleous and Joe Wiesenberg’s L3 anniversaries!

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