Regional Coordinator Advisory Committee – Hall of Fame member

In an on-going effort to be responsive to the Magic Judge Community, Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce the creation of the Regional Coordinator Advisory Committee (“RCAC”), an independent group for judges to provide feedback about Magic and the Judge Program.

What is the RCAC?
The RCAC will act as a sounding board and outlet for judges around the world to voice their ideas, thoughts and concerns about Magic and the Judge Program.
The RCAC will advise Wizards and the Level 4 and 5 judges on issues arising from the Judge Program including education, knowledge management, judge and player sanctions, judge complaints, and will provide general recommendations as the need arises.

Who is Part of the RCAC?

Jon Finkel
Jon Finkel, Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame member

The RCAC will be an independent committee comprised of Magic Judge Regional Coordinators and an elected member of the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

We believe that having a player’s perspective on such matters will be of great value and increase everyone’s overall enjoyment of Magic, so we wish to congratulate Jon Finkel on his election for this position.

The RCAC is honored to have so many Hall of Fame members willing to be part of it. Our thanks to each of them for their willingness to help the Magic Community:
Bram Snepvangers, Brian Kibler, Kai Budde, Nicolai Herzog, Patrick Chapin, Rob Dougherty, and Shuhei Nakamura.