Anniek van der Peijl promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix London

Anniek van der Peijl (Netherlands) has been promoted to Level 3 at Grand Prix London.

Her Regional Coordinator Richard Drijvers wrote a few words for her:

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What to say about the only person I’ve ever tested for L1, L2 AND L3. I’m very proud to be able to say that Anniek passed all these exams with verve.

Looking at her impact on the National level, she’s been in the center of a growing community for the past few years. Though her contributions to the program are mostly noticed by her outstanding work on European Grand Prix circuit. Especially with On-Demand Events (ODEs). She’s considered by many as the paragon in that field, and seeing her maneuvering judges during the peek hours is impressive. With her contaminating enthusiastic, can-do, optimistic attitude she can boost morale even when chaos is engulfing the floor. This has motivated people to apply for ODEs. A task which, a few years ago, was falsely perceived as tedious, easy, boring, and less important than any other on the GP schedule.

Becoming Level 3 is the culmination of Anniek’s experience and professionalism. Her way of critically thinking how and why things are done, combined with a drive to bring opportunities and convey her way of thinking to other people has lead to improvements on both personal and logistical levels. She has become a force to be reckoned with on the European GP circuit and I expect her to continue to grow and to energize others around her with these new opportunities and responsibilities she has now gained.

Anniek manages to motivate, optimize, adapt and support in such a seemingly effortless manner it invites people to join in and make a better whole. And we can’t wait for her to take it to the next level!

Welcome to Level 3, Anniek van der Peijl!


You can congratulate Anniek on her promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.