Asuka Nagashima promoted to Level 3

Asuka Nagashima (Japan) has been promoted to Level 3. Asuka’s Regional Coordinator, Mitsunori Makino wrote some words for her:

[cets_callout_box style=’gray’ align=’full’ title=’Mitsunori Makino’]

It’s Kyoto. I don’t surprise wishes come true. I confuse coincidence with destiny.

Seven years ago, on a Monday July 2010 in the empty hall after Nationals, I know Asuka was crying for regretting weakness and she swore never quitting Judge. Today she is crying tears of joy in the same hall. This hall is on level three.

She does work for region. Project, education, announcement, translation, analytics, etc. She helps many tasks more than RC, I guarantee. Honestly I hardly to say those tasks are challenging. But she take care such tasks that anyone don’t like to do. Once you work with her you can find it is privilege that Japan region have her.

I am so proud that I can congratulate Asuka promote to Level 3. But being said by her, this is a big check point and it’s not now to take satisfied celebration. Now she made a new wish. What happen next?[/cets_callout_box]

You can congratulate Asuka on her promotion post on the Magic Judges Facebook page.