Introducing a New Account Approval Process

Whenever a user makes an account on JudgeApps, we verify the information they provided, to prevent against abuse, spam, and to ensure that their account information is correct. Prior to the current Judge Center outage, we had a partially automated system where the site admins, RCs, and Level 3 judges would review the accounts of people who wish to sign up for JudgeApps. Since the outage, we have been sending the list of accounts to Wizards of the Coast, who would verify the information and tell us which accounts to approve.

However, this process has significantly increased the turnaround time for new accounts, which is impacting the experience of users who need access to the site to apply for events, or so that their L2 can submit their certification review. At time of writing, several users have been waiting for accounts for almost a month. Accordingly, we have decided to open the process to all Level 2 judges.

Our expectation is that Level 2 judges will use this in two situations:

  • When they certify a new judge, and their account is not yet approved, the certifying L2 will approve the account and write an advancement review
  • When a judge candidate in their area needs access to the site to apply to conferences, participate in the forum, or for any other reason, their mentor will approve the account and show the candidate around

L2s will play an important role in this process by verifying that a new user’s account information is accurate. If there is any discrepancy, especially with DCI numbers the L2 should contact Account Assistance with the changes that need to be made. Account Assistance can update that information before approving the account.

For more information about this process, please see our full documentation at Reviewing New Accounts.

Dan Collins