Regional Coordinator Selection Process – Fall 2018 results

After a long and thorough selection process, we are now glad to announce the new and renewed Regional Coordinators of:

Australia & New Zealand – Ryan Dare
BeNeLux – Niels Viaene
Canada – Jon Goud
Europe – East – Yuval Tzur
Europe – North – Johanna Virtanen
Greater China – Hans Wang
German speaking countries – Stefan Ladstätter 
Hispanic America – North – Carlos Ho
Italy & Malta – Cristiana Dionisio
Japan – Mitsunori Makino
UK, Ireland & South Africa – Jack Doyle
USA – Central – Eric Levine
USA – Midatlantic – Eric Dustin Brown
USA – Northeast – Megan Linscott
USA – South – David Hibbs
USA – Southeast – Nicolette Apraez

We wish to thank Richard Drijvers, Giorgos Trichopoulos, Steven Briggs, Nicholas Sabin and Io Hughto for their service as RCs for their regions. Their contribution has been huge and the whole Judge Program could only benefit by their presence among Regional Coordinators. We’ll miss you all.

On behalf of all Regional Coordinators we wish to welcome Niels Viaene, Yuval Tzur, Eric Levine, Eric Dustin Brown and Megan Lincott in the Regional Coordinators group. They will start their Regional Coordinator role counting on the support and experience of their corresponding old RCs who will help in the transition.

The selection process has been very difficult and time consuming for all the candidates and for the selection committee and for this reason, Sebastian Pękala, as leader of the process and on behalf of all the panelists, wishes to thank everyone who applied.

Also, Sebastian wishes to thank all the panelists who put focus and dedication to this process for many weeks:

Adrian Estoup
Alfonso Bueno
Angela Chandler
Asuka Nagashima
Christian Gawrilowicz
Damián Hiller
Daniel Sole Garcia
Eugene Bazhenov
Gerard Trpin
Giorgos Trichopoulos
Jeremie Granat
Io Hughto
John Temple
Jurgen Baert
Kaja Pękala
Nicholas Sabin
Richard Drijvers
Riki Hayashi
Rob McKenzie
Scott Marshall
Sebastian Pękala – Lead
Sergio Perez
Sophie Pages
Steven Briggs
Wearn Chong

It took a lot of time, communication and commitment, we could never thank them enough.

If you have any comments or feedback, please contact the committee by email: