Exemplar Wave 6 recognitions

Here are my Exemplar Wave 6 recognitions. Thank you all!

Albert JovéL1, UAE

Albert Jové

Gracias Albert por el feedback que regularmente compartes conmigo sobre los demás jueces en UAE. Desde que te has trasladado a Dubai has mostrado mucho interés no sólo por mejorar tú mismo, sino por ayudar en todo lo posible a que los demás mejoren. Mención especial merece nuestra conversación sobre los GPTs en eliminatoria simple, que es un problema que si no fuese por ti habría seguido siendo algo que nadie habría hecho esfuerzos por solucionar. En este caso en particular me gustó mucho que no te limitases a apuntar el dedo al problema, ya que además intentaste proporcionar tu ayuda para solucionarlo. Muchas gracias!

Theodoros MillidonisL1, Cyprus

Theodoros Millidonis
L1, Cyprus

Thank you Theodoros for your excellent work writing your series of articles about judge conferences. Having seen you present this topic as a seminar it was no surprise to me that you were able to explain on the topic in such detail. And hey, illustrating it with all those pictures makes it just top notch material. Thanks so much!

Saagar LaxmanL1, UAE

Saagar Laxman

Thank you Saagar for your report from the PPTQ Honolulu @Battlezone. People sometimes say that all reports are similar and that they don’t add much value, but with this particular report you were able to provide with information that helped me identify a particular aspect of policy that was being misunderstood by more people. This way I had the chance to explain it in detail to others, helping them learn the correct way to rule on these situations. I also want to thank you for your calm attitude in the local communication channels, you are always open to discuss things and approach conversations with an open mind, you don’t show yourself as stubborn or opinionated.

Even though when most of the time you are right in your opinions you are truly interested in hear what others have to say, which is something that makes my job as Country Coordinator so much easier!

Rick SalaminL2, Vermont (USA)

Rick Salamin
L2, Vermont (USA)

I keep being amazed with your attention to detail and with your reliability in the judge projects we work on together. Despite your recent focus on other matters when it comes to judging you still keep an eye open for stuff that is important for the projects, and you keep again and again proving how much initiative you are able to display. Examples that come to mind are getting the Ohio judge conference pic published, and very specially the improvement of using the GP Logos on recent GP staff pics. I also would like to thank you for your help recruiting new blood for some of our projects.

At some point we were even considering letting some of those projects die, but you persevered and were instrumental in identifying who would be a good candidate for you to pass the torch on. Thanks!

Georgi BenevL2, Bulgaria

Georgi Benev
L2, Bulgaria

One more wave and you have given me again plenty of reasons to recognize your many (and great!) contributions to our region. This time I’ll choose your work dealing with that super cool article you wrote on the Exemplar statistics for the region. You saw you could help in improving something that I did before you in the previous wave, and offered your help to get it done once again. You have embraced the “better done than perfect” motto we discussed earlier this year, and that attitude of yours making you available to give continuity to community efforts is something that always makes me think how much I’d love to have ten more like you in the region. Thanks!

Antonio Jose RodríguezL3, Spain

Antonio Jose Rodríguez
L3, Spain

AJ, siempre he admirado de ti lo calmado que te muestras en situaciones difíciles, y lo fácil que es hacer cosas contigo ya que tu actitud es siempre amigable incluso cuando hay problemas que normalmente harían perder los nervios a cualquiera. En esta ocasión quiero reconocer lo bien que gestionastes los problemas con el WMCQ que fuiste HJ en Barcelona. Conseguiste llevar el torneo a buen término, y tomaste las decisiones que había tomar cuando fue necesario. Esto no fue fácil, pero había que hacerlo, y estuviste a la altura de las circunstancias. Tu report sobre el torneo fue valiente, honesto, pero no hostil. Ayudaste así al resto de los L3s en la región a entender la naturaleza del problema, y eventualmente a llegar a una solución aceptable para todos.

Sigue trabajando igual de bien, y nunca pierdas esa bondad y alegría que tanto nos ayuda a los demás cuando las cosas se tuercen. Gracias!

Yuval TzurL2, Israel

Yuval Tzur
L2, Israel

Yuval, you have been delivering recently a lot of good content and very useful stuff for others in the region. I appreciate a lot your efforts in getting the Welcome to L1 and L2 letters published, and very specially I want to recognize you for your work on the regional L1 certification checklist. All these documents are read by many judges in our region, and I am happy to see how your contributions make a great impact on others. Looking forward to see more awesomeness from you!

Daniel SoléL3, Spain

Daniel Solé
L3, Spain

Dani, quiero agradecerte tu determinación tratando con los recientes problemas que ha habido en tu zona. Me consta que no han sido tiempos fáciles para ti, pero es ejemplar el que pese a la adversidad no hayas dado de lado por completo a tu gente, y que hayas puesto esfuerzos en seguir participando en las discusiones con el resto del liderazgo de la región. Gracias por tu valor, tu honestidad, y por tus esfuerzos en hacer de la comunidades Española y Catalana un sitio mejor.

Sophie PagesL3, France

Sophie Pages
L3, France

Thank you so much Sophie for your efforts with the translation of the Official Resources site to French. While there are many others who contribute to translate this site to many languages I consistently find you being always on top of things and even on occasion being ahead of me dealing with updates even before I know they exist! Merci beaucoup.

Oli BirdL3, Ireland

Oli Bird
L3, Ireland

I appreciate very much you taking the time to chat with me about it, helping me this way to understand better the issues we have in my current region. This is one of those situations where just teaching rules and policy doesn’t cut it, the judges being mentored need a deeper, more careful analysis, and you are certainly the right man for the job. Thanks!​

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