Exemplar Wave 10 recognitions

Here are my Exemplar Wave 10 recognitions!

Albert JovéL1, Spain/UAE

Albert Jové
L1, Spain/UAE

Gracias Albert por todo lo que haces en tu comunidad local intentando ayudar a que otros mejoren y aprendan. En particular gracias por ser la voz de la cordura y la razón en las conversaciones sobre reglas y policy en el grupo local de WhatsApp. Se agradece que haya gente como tú intentando siempre que la conversación sea productiva para todos los participantes.

Adi JianL1, Israel

Adi Jian
L1, Israel

Thank you Adi for all your efforts within the Graphic Design project. I am very fond of your ideas and your design style, and I value very much how easy it is for you to listen and to incorporate feedback from other project members. I appreciate two key qualities from you: your attention to detail and the continuous involvement in this project over time since you joined.

Yuval TzurL2, Israel

Yuval Tzur
L2, Israel

Thank you Yuval for the very detailed feedback from the summer regional conference in Bulgaria. I appreciate you reaching out to me with your concerns, in a balanced, respectful and positive way. I value you coming up with not only a collection of what happened at the conference, but also with a deeper analysis on the causes for some of the issues at this conference. Trying to find alternatives for future conferences you took this to the next level, addressing these concerns with the whole region and asking for input on our regional Facebook group. Very well done!

Elias ChountalasL2, Greece

Elias Chountalas
L2, Greece

It takes very little to make a mistake, but it takes a lot to be brave enough to admit it, be open to receive help, and learn from the feedback you receive. Giving a wrong ruling that has such a high impact on players is no small feat. I understand where your mistake came from, and that this was a difficult episode for you, but I strongly believe you’re a better judge after it. It is exemplary how you were able to recover from it and improve in the process. Keep it up!

Sean CataneseL3, Washington (USA)

Sean Catanese
L3, Washington (USA)

Thank you Sean for all the time you’ve put in discussing with me the Spheres, the PC group and some other adjacent topics in our recent discussions. Your compassion and empathy are your greatest qualities, and I am blessed to have you share your views and help me navigate through the difficult times I am going through lately. These qualities truly make you exceptional to me as a judge, and make you exemplary as a PC. Thank you so much.

Steven ZwangerL3, Virginia (USA)

Steven Zwanger
L3, Virginia (USA)

Thank you Steven for your professional and inspiring attitude during the latest GPHJ selection. This was one of those situations where the group needed someone to lead by example, and you certainly delivered. I know from my own experience how these committees are very time demanding, and it’s impressive how you manage to balance your time to work so many events, deal with your GPHJ tasks, and still be involved in other activities, such this selection. Very nicely done!

Ivan PetkovicL3, Croatia/Germany

Ivan Petkovic
L3, Croatia/Germany

Thank you Ivan for your efforts within the L3 mentoring and feedback project. I appreciate very much the time you’ve devoted to discuss with me the areas where I need help the most. Your approach is often very different to what feels natural to me, and that new, fresh perspective has been really valuable to me.

Additionally thank you for contributing with your opinions to developing the Europe-East region. In particular I place great value in our recent conversations on handling L3 recommendations within the region. It is exemplary that even though you moved to Germany you stay involved with the region’s leadership. It is also exemplary how despite having so much on your plate already (very specially with your recently created Sphere) you always find some time to reply to emails and provide me and others with your advice. Keep it coming!

Alfonso BuenoL3, Spain

Alfonso Bueno
L3, Spain

Alfonso, it is amazing how much you have improved and grown as a judge since you’ve become PC. You are consistently on top of everything that needs to get done, and your responsiveness is just off the charts. This efficiency alone makes you exemplary to me, very few people holding Advanced Roles are as responsive as you are. We have been doing a lot of project work recently, and it’s been so easy in great extent thanks to how greatly available you make yourself to discuss ideas, but also thanks to your calm, balanced and fair approach when it comes to decision making. Thank you for all the work we have done together, I am looking forward to what the future brings!

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