About the Exemplar Program

The Exemplar Program is a community-driven peer recognition system designed by Senior Judges which gives L2+ Judges the opportunity to recognize excellence among Judges of all levels throughout the world.


The goal of the Exemplar Program is to recognize the contributions that judges make to the Magic Community. Its aim is to grow the quality of judges through peer recognition and provide positive examples for others to follow. By providing examples of judges who exhibit good behavior and provide a positive impact on the Judge community, the belief is all judges will have role-models and clear examples of conduct which will improve the quality of judging globally.

The Challenge

Senior Judges worked together to create a program which would:

  • Find ways to strengthen the Judge Community and increase judge recognition;
  • Expand the reach of judge foils;
  • Focus on how to recognize examples of great contributions to the Magic Community;
  • Empower judges to engage in peer recognition; and
  • Be flexible and allow for future ideas from the Judge Community.


L2+ judges will decide which qualities and behaviors to recognize and how those qualities and behaviors are valued in their respective communities. L2+ judges will have the opportunity to periodically submit a limited number (based on level and role) of recognition messages for other members of the Judge community; these recommendations will be reviewed by the Senior Judges and made public to the global Judge community.

The Exemplar Program began in 2014 with L3+ Judges as nominator and was fully implemented for L2+ Judges in 2015.