DTR 2.11- Video Coverage

Some tournaments use video for live streaming or replay broadcast of matches. Video commentators are considered spectators for the purpose of the tournament. They are responsible for behaving respectfully to all tournament participants during coverage.

Some players may choose to broadcast their matches when playing online. Players are permitted to do so, but it is recommended that they broadcast on a 2-minute delay at minimum.

Players who are featured on video coverage may have additional procedures they need to do to accommodate being featured. Those procedures will be explained clearly to the player before they begin playing by Tournament Officials. These procedures should not change the level of access to decklists or other information these players have compared to other featured players in the same stage of the tournament.

Spectators are also permitted to record matches provided they do so unobtrusively.

Judges may ask a player to share their computer screen display of the game client through a chat service that the tournament organizer is utilizing for the operations of a tournament for verification of issues or for validation of a question or concern at any time in which a player is competing in the tournament.

The Head Judge may, at their discretion, use video replays to assist in making rulings in tournaments. Video replays may also be used for investigative purposes at a later time.

As an added precaution, it is recommended that Organizers require a 2-minute delay at minimum on any live streams to reduce the possibility and effectiveness of seeking or soliciting outside assistance.