DTR 3.5 – Public and Private Information

For Digital events, there are only two types of information: Public and Private.

Public information is anything that is revealed to you by the Game Client. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Life totals.
  • Counters a player has attached to them.
  • Continuous effects with no defined expiration within the game that apply to that player, such as Monarch, City’s Blessing, or Emblems.
  • Unspent mana in a player’s mana pool.
  • The name of any visible object.
  • The state (whether it’s tapped, attached to another permanent, face down, etc.) and current zone of any object or player.
  • Delayed Triggered Abilities that have yet to be put on the stack and resolved.
  • The game score of the current match.
  • The current step and/or phase and which player(s) are active.
  • The number of any kind of objects present in any game zone.
  • All characteristics of objects in public zones, including the Power and Toughness of creatures.
  • Information that can be derived by information available in the Game Client.

Private information is anything that is not revealed to you by the Game Client. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The cards in a player’s hand.
  • Cards revealed to your opponent but not you. (ex: Your opponent uses Scry and sees cards and can see whether those revealed cards are on the top or bottom of their deck, but the cards were not revealed to you)
  • Players are responsible for not actively seeking the Private information of their opponent. Doing so may result in a penalty