IPG Appendix A — Penalty Quick Reference

Infraction Penalty
Game Play Errors
Missed Trigger None
Looking at Extra Cards Warning
Hidden Card Error Warning
Mulligan Procedure Error Warning
Game Rule Violation Warning
Failure to Maintain Game State Warning
Tournament Errors
Tardiness Game Loss
Outside Assistance Match Loss
Slow Play Warning
Decklist Problem Game Loss
Deck/Deck Problem Warning
Limited Procedure Violation Warning
Communication Policy Violation Warning
Marked Cards Warning
Insufficient Shuffling Warning
Unsporting Conduct
Unsporting Conduct — Minor Warning
Unsporting Conduct — Major Match Loss
Improperly Determining a Winner Match Loss
Bribery and Wagering Match Loss
Aggressive Behavior Disqualification
Theft of Tournament Material Disqualification
Stalling Disqualification
Cheating Disqualification