IPG 2.6 Game Play Error — Failure to Maintain Game State


A player allows another player in the game to commit a Game Play Error and does not point it out immediately.

If a judge believes a player is intentionally not pointing out other players’ illegal actions, either for their advantage, or in the hope of bringing it up at a more strategically advantageous time, they should consider an Unsporting Conduct — Cheating infraction.

Not reminding an opponent about their triggered abilities is never Failure to Maintain Game State nor Cheating.


  • A. A player’s opponent forgets to reveal the card searched for by Worldly Tutor. It is not noticed until the end of turn.
  • B. A player does not notice that his opponent has Armadillo Cloak on a creature with protection from green.


If an error is caught before a player could gain advantage, then the dangers of the ongoing game state becoming corrupted are much lower.

If the error is allowed to persist, at least some of the fault lies with the opponent, who has also failed to notice the error.