IPG 3.1 Tournament Error — Tardiness


A player is not in their seat at the beginning of a round, or has not completed tasks assigned within the time allocated.

If a round begins before the previous round would have ended (due to all players finishing early), tardiness does not apply until the scheduled end of the previous round.

If, before or during a match, a player requests and receives permission from a judge for a delay for a legitimate task, such as a bathroom break or finding replacements for missing cards, that player has up to 10 minutes to perform that task before they are considered tardy. If the player takes more than 10 minutes, a Match Loss will be applied. Otherwise, no penalty will be applied and a time extension given for the time taken.


  • A. A player arrives to their seat 5 minutes after the round begins.
  • B. A player hands in their decklist after the time designated by the judge or organizer.
  • C. A player loses their deck and cannot find replacement cards within the first 10 minutes of the round.
  • D. A player sits at an incorrect table and plays the wrong opponent.


Players are responsible for being on time and in the correct seat for their matches, and for completing registrations in a timely manner.

The Tournament Organizer may announce that they are giving the players some additional time before a penalty is issued. Otherwise, the penalty is issued as soon as the round begins.

Additional Remedy

The players are given a time extension corresponding to the length of the tardiness.

Upgrade: A player not in their seat 10 minutes into the round will receive a Match Loss and will be dropped from the tournament unless they report to the Head Judge or Scorekeeper before the end of the round.

Downgrade: A player who arrives at their seat before 1 minute has elapsed in the round receives a warning.