IPG 4.7 Unsporting Conduct — Stalling


A player intentionally plays slowly in order to take advantage of the time limit.

If the slow play is not intentional, please refer to Tournament Error — Slow Play instead.


  • A. A player has two lands in their hand, no options available to significantly affect the game, and spends excessive time “thinking” about what to do to eat up time on the clock.
  • B. A player is ahead in games and significantly slows down their pace of play so the opponent has little chance to catch up.
  • C. A player playing slowly appeals a warning in an attempt to gain advantage by having more time to make a decision.
  • D. A player intentionally mulligans slowly before the third game in an attempt to make it harder for their opponent to win in time.
  • E. A player losing a game starts slowing down the pace of play in an attempt to run out the clock.